RT15-another mini radio is coming

RT15 radio-a very mini radio is coming.

Here are another mini radio – RT15

This is a very short radio.And it have many functions as the normal radio.

1. RT15  – only has 6 keys on the radio with out knob.

RT15 only has 6 keys on the radio.

“Channel +” ” Channel -” and power on key on the radio center.

Two side key and one PTT key.

The side key can be set in the software.

Without knob you will do not worry about the knob will broken.

You can also lock the channel,  the channel will never change when you put it in your pocket.

2. RT15 radio – is small and light, compact, easy one-handed operation.

The dimension of RT15 radio is 136x59x21 mm.

The RT15 radio width is only 5.9 cm very easy one hand  to operate.

Only 13.6 cm length. This length is less than the length of a palm of a normal person.

3. RT15 -is USB Type-C jack, support multiple charging methods radio

Never worry about you will lost your charger base or the charger base is not convenient for journey.

RT15 radio is USB C jack is very easy to charge.

It do not need the base just the USB cable can charge the radio.

4.RT15 radio – also has the common function.

RT15 also has the common function as below.

  • Scanning
  • VOX
  • TOT
  • Monitoring
  • Keyboard Lockout
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Power Saving Function
  • Companding/Scrambling Function
  • Special Signaling
  • 50 CTCSS/208 DCS

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If you want to know more about RT15. contact us freely:support@retevis.com

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9 thoughts on “RT15-another mini radio is coming”

  1. I have 3 questions. 1)When is the Retevis rt15 with USB type C going to be released? The one I bought has crappy old mini USB. Not even micro USB… 2)What cable do I need to program the radio? 3)What program do I use to program this radio?

  2. amator telsiz frekansları, role ile kullanım mümkün mü? program ile kanal frekansı değiştirmek istiyorum? 439.250 shift 7600, yone 88.5. gibi

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