RT20-a new radio like a work card

RT20– a new radio like a work card is coming .

A new small , simple and fashion radio- RT20 is coming. Do you know how many advantage of the new radio?

Let me tell you.

1. RT20 radio has Internal Antenna and tiny very easy to carry .

RT20 has an Internal Antenna, compared to other radios, there is no danger of knocking the antenna down.

And it is very easy to carry. You can put it in your Jacket pocket, and will never feel heavy or uncomfortable.

RT20 has the very very tiny and cute body.it is much easy to carry. It is so small that it can lie in the palm of your hand.

It is the most beautiful and easy to carry radio.

2. RT20 radio has Silver shell–a fashion appearance.

We all know many fashion mobile like iPhone and Samsung, they all have the beautiful silver radio.is so beautiful and fashion color.

RT20  the first batch, you will get the beautiful and fashion color-Silver, Yes, nobody can resist the temptation of silver.

3. RT20 radio set all keys are on the same plane and can be hung around your neck -Avoid inadvertent touch the key.

RT20 radio all keys of the radio is set on the same plane, you will not inadvertent touch the key.

RT20 radio has a Sling you can hung it around your neck. It will like a silver fashion work card.

We will send you a sling as a gift,you can use it as you like.

It just has 0.16 kg weight. Very light,right?


RT20 is a new radio ,tiny fashion and easy to use.want to get one? click here https://www.retevis.com/rt20-mini-indoor-fm-business-radio

Want to know more about RT20 contact us freely: support@retevis.com

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