The scan of Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 has the scan function, it includes 3 scan modes and 2 scan ways.

3 scan modes:

Time mode(TO): When the radio detects a signal it will stop scanning and will pause for 5 seconds before scanning again even if the signal is still present

Carrier mode(CO):When the radio detects a signal it will stop scanning and will stay on the same frequency and will resume scanning after 5 seconds when the signal ends.

Search mode(SE):When the radio detects a signal, it will stop on that frequency and will not move on, even if the signal ends.


2 scan ways

1)Zone scan: it will scan by zone, and will scan all the channels in your zone. Here the zone likes a scan list.



2) Scan Add Function: If you set the zone ” all channels”, it will scan the channels which ticked the “add scan” function.

How to tick the add scan function?

See the pictures: click channel information- more


You can go into this page: tick scan add.


How to start the Scan function?

Press the “Exit” to change to Channel mode, choose the band you want to scan A or B. Then long press “Scan”, that’s ok!

Wanna to end scan? You can press any key, it will stop.



All these are about the Ailunce HD1 scan functions, if any quesiton, please feel free to leave a message or contact





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