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RT21 Walkie Talkie Common Frequently Asked Questions

RT21 walkie talkie is the first choice for many customers, like walkie-talkies because of their complete functions and low price. The following is a summary of some of the questions,customers often feedback, so that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of the RT21 walkie-talkie.

RT21 Walkie Talkie Common FAQ

一. What about Frequancy?

The RT21 walkie talkies frequency is FRS,using directly, and it has strong penetrating power. It is very good to use buildings, office buildings and so on.


二. What if the comparison between RT21 and RT 22 ?

Both of them are FRS radios, but they usually using different business, RT21 walkie talkie have the strong radio body, so that work well for security and construction site.

But RT22 is smaller than RT21 radios, it also can be used by kids.


三. Does RT21 walkie talkie have voice scrambling??

The radio has the function of scramble.The 1-8 scramble type to choose in channel information, and you can set different scramble type in different channel, will keep your communications safe, not only for security groups, but also keep your team private.

RT21 walkie talkie


四. Can you scramble one channel on a radio and still have other channels unscrambled?

Yes,you can set up the scramble on channel,which channel you want to set up ,you can choose the scramble number on channel.


五.Can my officers communicate with each other handsfree? Will they have to push button on walkie talkie to communicate?

If you want all walkie-talkies to communicate ,without having to press the PTT button, you can switch VOX function by programming the radio.Regarding the opening of VOX, I have already said in detail before, and customers who need it can view it. Attach a link


The above is a general question about RT21 walkie talkie, the questions that customers will often ask, we summarize and summarize, so that everyone can browse. If you are using RT21, I believe this is very helpful.

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