RT22P/RT622P Ultra-thin FRS License-free Business Radio is coming

RT22P/RT622P Ultra-thin FRS License-free Business Radio is coming.

RT22P/RT622P is a thin and light license-free business radio, available in FRS and PMR versions. It has 16 channel. It is black as a whole, and its feature is its lightness and thinness. Its thickness is only 15mm and its weight is 102.5g. Its antenna is also relatively short, so it is more convenient to carry. The battery capacity is 1620mah. Its indicator light is on the front of the walkie-talkie. Side keys In addition to PTT, up and down keys, there is also a menu key. The earpiece jack is 3.5mm single-pin. It uses Type-c charging cable to charge.

Its function:

Squelch: The default squelch level is 3.

busy lock

VOX: The factory default is off, you can turn it on by the shortcut key: switch the radio to channel7, turn off the radio, then press and hold the UP key to turn it on, you will hear the voice prompt of “VOX ON”.

Scan function


Alarm: The factory default setting is to long press the down key to turn on the alarm function. It has remote alarm and local alarm. Short press the PTT key to end the alarm.

Channel lock: long press the menu button, you will hear a beep, at this time the channel lock is turned on, and the walkie-talkie cannot change the channel; similarly, long press the menu button and hear two beep, the channel lock is turned off, and you can change the channel.

Chinese/English audio broadcast: Turn the walkie-talkie to channel 16 and turn it off, then press the + key to turn it on, you can switch the language broadcast.

Power saving function: factory default on

Low battery reminder: When the battery of the walkie-talkie is too low, it will prompt, and at the same time, it is forbidden to transmit


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