RT23 Emergencie Alarm

How to Set RT23 Emergency Alarm

When do you need to use two way radio walkie talkie?
People may say I have cell phone, I do not need a walkie talkie two way radio.
You are wrong. Damely wrong. Because the cell phone signal is not everywhere around you. For example, if you go to spring sports in mountains, do you think your cell phone could communicate to your friends all the time? Maybe not. Unfortuneately, a disaster take place, do you think the cell phone is the best Emergencie Alarm tools? No, when disaster occured, earquicque or blood, there is almost no electricity, no phone signals, people could not use cell phone, their signal is often unreliable and can become overloaded, making it a poor form of communication. So hanheld radio is needed when we lived in a peace times.
When hiking out in the mountains with your friends, all you guys have RT23 in hand, and you get lost in a beautful forest, you could use the radio to ask help. Here I will tell you how to set this function.

Steps of setting RT23 Emergency Alarm

Firstly, you need set the Emergency Alarm to the side key in the RT23 programming software. So you need the RT23 programming cable before you program it. And you should install the RT23 programming software and driver for preparation. Then connect the RT23 firmly to you computer, choose the correct communication port, read data from the interphone.
Secondly, Here is the point part. Click [Edit] inter the [Key setting] page, set PF1 Alarm, or PF2 Alarm. Click [ok].

Steps of setting RT23 Emergency Alarm
Steps of setting RT23 Emergency Alarm in programming software

Last but not least, remember to write data to interphone. And move away the RT23 from computer, turn off it. Then turn on it again.
When you get lost when hiking, just Press PF1 / PF2 you have already set, your RT23 will alarm immediately, and the radio which working on the same frequency as you now, it will also alarm. Then Your friends will know you are asking for help now. They will take some efforts to make a plan to rescue you. Finally you will be found and together with them and be safe.
See, this small funtion will help you find you team, even save your life in some emergency situations.

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