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Why the Driver Coach Needs RT25 Radio

In the training ground, the new fresh driver need learn the basic driving knowledge from the coach. However the coach could not always sit aside in the co-pilot seat. Also there are many new fresh drivers need the coach to teach. So the coach need a RT25 radio to help him.

People may ask why not other two way radios, only the RT25? Other radios could help coach? I have to say RT25 radio is the best choice. Because the main channel function, VOX function and the remote stun and remote wake up function.

RT25 Radio Remote Stun and Remote Wake Up

When the coach teaching the basic knowledge of driving. All the members only need to listen, no need to ask questions or say something to disturb the coach teaching. Now the coach needs to remote stun the members’ radios. They could not transmit signals and voices through the radio. When finish the basic teaching, they may be need to ask questions. Then the coach could remote wake up the radios. The new fresh drivers could ask questions.

RT25 Radio Main Channel and VOX

In the course of training, all the members in different cars. They could communicate by the radios to talk about the key point of each step of driving. If they don’t know what to do in the next step, they could ask other members for help. And they set the coach in the main channel. After a while, all of them back to the main channel waiting for the coach saying.
Using RT25 radio in the training ground will save coach’s time and energy. He doesn’t need to go to each car to talk about the notice of the training, He could sit before the desk just focus on the screen of computer which connecting to the camera. And this will teach a lot of new fresh drivers at same time.
Do you need a earpiece? Press PTT button to speak with others is dangerous. Ooh, sorry, I forget to tell you that this RT25 radio has VOX function, just set it in the programming software before use. So do you think this is a good solution could help the coach?
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