RT25 Interphone Help You Express Your Love

Spring is a season filled with creativity and vitality. Nature scenery becomes rich and colorful up. Every corner of the earth who filled with spring in the air. It is also a good season for boys to express love to a girl. RT25 Interphone will be the best gift for your love.

RT25 interphone
Maybe your lover likes rose, but you could not send rose all the time. The interesting of rose also will be withered.
Maybe your love likes chocolate, but chocolate will help him/ her far away from clim, and much closer with fat, even buse if eat chocolate all the time.
However, RT25 Interphone  will help you always keep you love fresh, and makes you smell the sweet of love. Do you want to know the secret of RT25 Interphone? Follow up.

RT25 Interphone Compand Function Transmit Original Love Voice

RT25 Interphone is new two way analog radio. It has compand function. Which could transmit the original voice to your partner with only a little change. Your unique voice will be heard by the loved one. Normal two way radios will translate the voice with obviously change. This is the first reason you choose it.

RT25 Scramble CTCSS Prevent Your Talking from Interruption and Eavesdropping

RT25 Interphone has scramble and CTCSS function. Set CTCSS/ DCS in the frequency(channel), you will not hear other people talking if they use same frequency. It means nobody could disturb your talking, but they could hear what you are talking about. However, the scramble function will stop all the eavesdropping. Scramble will change the signals when transmitting. Other people will hear someone is talking, he will never hear clearly about what you are talking about.
And the RT25 Interphone is small as the cell phone, don’t you think this is the effective love-express tool? Don’t hesitate to make the one you loved having a unique opportunity to own it. RT25 Interphone, you deserve to have it.

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