RT3 VOX Function Introduction

The RT3 is a relatively simple amateur. It operates in both Digital and Analogue mode . It has many features.Today we will learn the VOX function of it.

What is the VOX function?

When this function is activated, we do not need to press the PPT key.It  can also launch the launch operation directly through voice.This function is suitable for the situation which is  not convenient to use your hands.

Setting in RT3 software

First, we find the menu items ,Select the VOX function under Settings and tick it .

RT3 VOX Setting

We have turned it on,then we need to improve the sensitivity of sound control. The sensitivity of VOX needs to be set according to the external environment. If you are in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or  construction site.  You can improve the sensitivity to 6~10 .But when you are in a silent environment ,just set it to 1~5.

RT3 VOX setting


After that ,When we talk again, we don’t have to press the PPT button. Just speak louder then the voice has been transmitted. I changed the sensitivity to 6,so  my voice has to be a little bit louder to signal.If you change it to 10, just a tiny voice can be sent.but it might make noise.

And if you don’t need this function.Just setting in the software and  find the menu items ,Cancel the tick.


This feature benefits many working people with both hands.I think it is useful .If you still don’t know how to use RT3  VOX function, please contact us by email, vip@retevis.com, please feel free to leave message here!


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