Dual Band RT3S on the magazine

Dual Band RT3S on the magazine.

Retevis RT3S, the dual band amateu radio was on  Practical Wireless. At the same time, the RT3S was the cover picture on this magazine.

Practical Wireless, the UK’s Number One Amateur Radio Magazine.

Last year in 2017, our Retevis RT82 was onto the cover of this magazine. if you want to know more about the RT82 on magazine, please click here:

RT82 Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

Thanks to the author, Tim Kirby ,the radio amateurs, callsign: G4VXE. This time,he wrote the RT3S with the title:

Review: The Retevis RT3S 144/430MHZ DMR transceiver

From his article, we will know more about this Dual band RT3S

1, The difference between the RT3S and RT3

They both have the almost the same appearance, but they also have many differents.

RT3S: The duan band UHF and VHF. Can saved 3000CH. Recording function, have the ability to monitor two channels at the same time. Can uploaded the 120,000 contacts lists by software( if no recording function).

RT3: Single band UHF or VHF. Can saved 1000Ch.

2, About programming the radio RT3S

You need to download the software from website: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center

Please make sure please download the RT3S software, not RT3 software.

3, VFO mode

In VFO mode, a radio can be tuned to any frequency. It differents from the Memory mode.

4, Group call Match and Private Call Match

The same function as the Ailunce HD1’S Promiscuous. Set them off on RT3S, the RT3s will receive anything on same RX and TX frequencies, but different contacts or group list.

5, Battery charging and battery life.

Same as the Model RT3, Battery life is very good.

6, Functions like GPS and Recording

GPS: When you buy this model, you can choose the GPS or Non-GPS. You can pass GPS information to the netword via brandmeister.

Recording: Allow you to record what you hear on DMR.


RT3S is well built and feels good in the hand. It works well on both DMR and Analogue. The programming software reasonably easy to set up and use.

I enjoyed using the RT3S as both a hotspot radio and a radio to carry with me


Thanks again to Tim Kirby.





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