The Communication solution of repeater RT97

Retevis RT97, an Analog mode Repeater with the duplexer inside. It is a solution to extend your handheld and mobile radio’s communication range.

Now we add a new version for this RT97, there are two offsets for your choice: 5Mhz or 10Mhz.


Let’s check this Repeater’s basic Specifications

1, Small size: not like other general base station, our RT97 with the small size, about 310x283x170mm.

2, Can be customized: can customized the frequency between UHF(400-480) or VHF(136-174). If you have the business license on two-way-radio, this RT91 can be customized according to your Approved band.

3, Car charger Offered: RT97 with the car charger in the package. If you have activities outdoor, you can charger this repeater in your car, no need to worry about the power.

4, 10W: RT97 with the high power 10w and low power 5w, now lots of handheld radios with the power 2w, 5w, or 10w. It will be more compatible with the handheld radio.

5, Inexpensive: Retevis RT97 sells on with more affordable and more attractive price USD399.

Usage Scenario for your reference

1, Office area

Now more and more high buildings come in the city, so if you use the walkie-talkie as the communication tool, there will have some limited. No worry, this repeater RT97 can help you to communicate with your Colleagues with no limited in the office area.

Set your radios TX and RX frequencies opposite of the repeater, also don’t forget to check the CTCSS/DCS code.

2, Construction Projects

In construction, all the people communicate with each other are using the walkie-talkie, but if your project with a little big, need long-distance communication. This repeater will help you. No need to install, easy to carry to different construction site.

3, Big Concert

Concert backstage needs close and instant communication, so the walkie-takie will be the best tool. Some concerts with the big square, so walkie-talkie can’t meet the requires, RT97 will be the  clear, few Interfere communication solution.

4, Outdoor activities Like wedding, wine party and etc.

These Activites are all the important, so no mistake is allowed. Timely reportt is necessary. RT97 will stop you worrying about the little walkie-talkies communication range.


There is a video about the intall, very easy, connect the antenna and power


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