RT48 waterproof IP67 License-free FRS business Radio

RT48 waterproof IP67 license-free business radio is a development of Retevis license-free radio,The difference of other license-free radios, like RT27,RT46,RT45, The main of RT48 is IP67 waterproof radio license-free radio with attractive appearance
Retevis RT48

RT48 attractive appearance

The traditional license-free radio is single design ideas that haven’t prominent appearance unique, RT48 pay attention to design feelings with flowing streak. The quality is also becoming better based on original to improve durable and reliable use. RT48 shoud be welcomed once released from the first sight start
Retevis RT48

RT48 license-free radio

RT48 is FRS license-free radio, which means an individual license is not required to operate an radio equipment provide you comply with the rules, so you needn’t worry to use it. Normally most of customers take care there’s a issue two way radio to use if they haven’t a license, as for RT48 license-free radio, which help us customers solving this problem

RT48 waterproof IP67

What’s IP67
International Protection (IP) is a system for classifying the different degrees of protection provided by enclosures or wrappings of electrical equipment. Ingress Protection has two primary notation elements: the first digit is a number that denotes a protection factor against solids and a second number that codifies your device’s protection factor against liquids.

‘6’: Complete protection against dust; dust tight
‘7’:Immersion in water of up to 1m in depth for 30 minutes
Retevis RT48

RT48 is IP waterproof radio so that it can be used for many applications, main applications:
1. short range in building communications-especially if mobile phone reception is poor
2.Parking assistance or other communications for events outdoor
3.General short range communications
4.communications for walkers, bicycle riders, runner etc
5. Much more other applications

Now RT48 is presale on Retevis official store, welcome to order by this link if interest:

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