RT8 DMR Radio used for search and rescue team

DMR radio Retevis RT8 for search and rescue team, with the good performace. We tested the Retevis RT8 UHF with the GPS and proved to be a winning combination.

As the communication tools for Search and Rescue Team, We are most concerned about these features:


1, Waterproof

It is very important for our team, we need to do lots of work in all types of weather conditions.

So we tested this IP67 waterproof RT8 radio both during light rain and snow, and there was no damage to the radio being exposed to the elements. We wiped off the radio afterward and it was back to normal.

2, Range

Another important feature we concerned about. Before we used the analog radio as our communication tools, but sometimes it will loss of signal. But this radio don’t, There was no loss of signal at any time, and each party could hear each other loud and clear in DMR communications.

Because DMR signals are either there or not, there is no static, which is why the team is migrating to a DMR system.

This RT8 UHF Radio worked solidly for up to two miles, handheld to handheld radio.

If you need longer range on this radio, you can consider the repeater.

3, GPS function

The GPS function worked well during our tests in the field. We were able to send GPS coordinates from one radio to another for tracking purposes, which is a real asset in search and rescue work.

Also, GPS signal acquisition time was adequate for our needs.

4, Encryption Function

The ability of this radio to offer DMR encryption,  is a good option for our usage.

Our team uses public safety radio frequencies, which allow encryption obviously, so we did experiment with the radio’s 32-bit DMR encryption.

I’m pleased to say it worked perfectly, not causing any degradation in signal and offering full copy at all times, but also allowing us to pass along information that was secure.

5, Easy to Program

The RT8 is easy to program through its software.

It was easy to make changes in the field for testing purposes with the software.

6, Two antennas

This radio comes with 2 antennas.

The shorter antenna worked great for close-in and hotspot use

The longer whip gain UHF antenna afforded additional range, especially in the field.

RT8 is a great radio and a solid performer for search and rescue team,

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