Retevis RT54 the best DMR radio for farm

Farm communication is very important for farmers, is vital to the success of any agricultural operation—large or small.

And now the DMR is becoming more and more popular, so which is the best DMR radio for Farm?

We suggest you Retevis RT54- the Detachable speaker DMR radio.

Why this radio as the best DMR radio for farm?

IP66 waterproof and dustproof radio

IP66 means it can completely prevent foreign objects and dust from intruding and damage caused by large waves. Usually you can’t control the weather, so choose a IP67 waterproof radio will be better for farm.

It will make no harm when you use the radio during the rain day.

Extremely clear and smooth call

The communication range is very important, usually if you only use the handheld radio, it will reach about 3-5 miles. Retevis RT54 as the DMR radio, no loss of signal at any time, and each party could hear each other loud and clear in DMR communications.

If your farm is large, you can consider the repeater, build a repeater for your farm will extend the range. Meet your requires.

The Detachable speaker

This Retevis RT54 can remove the speaker on the radio, if you radio has dust in it, you can clean it by yourself.

Group call for DMR model Radio

If you have a farm team, you need to talk with them in different time, for analog radio, you need to switch the channel to achieve this.

But if you use this DMR radio, you can make different group. For example:

You need to contact with 4 groups. So you can build 4 groups. Make the group to differnet group.

And put 4 groups into one big group, make the all call to them, for All call, you can talk to them, but they can’t reply you.

The size

The best size for this radio, make it in your hand comfortable. It’s just a comfortable grip, especially if you have to hold the radio a lot.


It’s nice that a radio can withstand a typical drop without cracking open and breaking its plastic case.


So Retevis RT54 is the best DMR radio for farm. If you have any question, please leave message below!





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