What shall we do when two radios can’t communicate?

What shall we do when two radios can’t communicate? Lots of people will meet this problem.

Don’t worry, we will help you here to solve your question. Hope this blog will help you!

There will have some different between the different mode radio.

First, please make sure your radios mode.

Usually radios with 2 general modes:Analog mode and digital mode.

For digital radio, usually will include two mode analog mode and digital mode. For Analog radio, only have analog mode.

Second, for analog radio.

If your two radios are all the analog radios. They need to meet these requires, then they can talk to each other.

Tx frequency: When you transmit, the frequency you used.

Rx frequency: When you receive, the frequency you used.

CTCSS/DCS code: Like the private code, can make your call more private.

For two radios, please make sure the above 3 conditions must be same, then they can talk.

If you don’t know what’s your radio settings, you can program your radio. Use the specific programming  cable to connect your radio with your computer, download the software, install it on your computer, then open it. Click the Program or any setting( read from radio), you will find your radio setttings.

For example,  Retevis RT22. check the below picture:

Third, For digital DMR radio.

It will be a little difficult than Analog radio. If you want to talk with other DMR radio, you need to meet:

1, Tx and Rx frequency same

2, Your contact name and group list must be same.

If you want to make private call, for contact name, one radio’s contact name should be another, and another one’s contact name should be this one.

For group call, you and another one radio’s group list should be the same one, and all your two radios IDs should be in that group list.

3, Color code and time slot  should be same.

For example, the Retevis RT82, the dual band DMR digital mode two way radio. Check the radio setting in the software:


Hope above can help you to solve your question: What shall we do when two radios can’t communicate?

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