RT81 two way radio common problems and solutions

RT81 two way radio provides a better way for small businesses to communicate, customer may have some problems in usage, we will give you some solution.

RT81 two way radio problems and solutions:

Rt81 two way radio-retevis
Up to 10W power;encryption;VOX function;enhance communication distance and voice quality;privacy and reliability

1.Is there a digital display read out?

Retevis RT81 has Digital/Analog mode ,but I am sorry to tell you that there is no display read out,you can program them to read the radio on  computer.

2.Is there a high gain antenna available?

Yes,you can find the high-gain antennas for Retevis RT81 by searching for”B07FX76Y6P”on AMAZON,Hope this can help you.

3.Are they preprogram channel installed if so how many?

Yes,Retevis RT81 two-way radios have been programmed to the same frequency and CTCSS before shipment,they can work together directly when out of the box.

4.Do I need a computer to program these ?

No.Retevis RT81 two-way radios have been programmed to the same frequency and CTCSS before shipment,they can work together when out of the box.

5.Is 10W output for the 16 channel Analog?

Yes,the Retevis RT81 is 10w for the 16 channel Analog.

6.I have 2 now and want to add 2 will they all talk work together ?

Yes,the walkie talkies are set the same frequecy and CTCSS before shipping,because they can work directly without programming .

7.What are the default settings on the programmable buttons when it comes from the factory? And how do i use them?

The walkie talkie has been programmed to the same frequency and CTCSS before shipping.Just tune to the same channel,they can work together directly.

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4 thoughts on “RT81 two way radio common problems and solutions”

  1. I am trying to program a Baofeng to be able to communicate with my RT81. What are the CTCSS and DCS settings for channel 1 please anyone……?

    1. Hi, you need to get a programming radio and RT81 software, then read from radio to get the setting of RT81. The program your other radios

  2. Can RT81 work in DMR mode through a DMR Repeater?
    If Answer is Yes, because programming software have only slot selection for “Slot 0, Slot 1” and is not compatible with any Hytera, Motorola, Tytera DMR Repeater, Kindly request confirm if this powerfull and water resistant held radio can be use only in talk around mode?


    1. The RT81 can work through a DMR repeater. And we’ve tested it through a repeater. It works well. But you have to remove the encryption because the encryption encoding and decoding logic is different from other radios.

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