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Retevis RT15 Walkie Talkie Functions Introduction

 Retevis RT15 Walkie Talkie    Features:

  1. Compact size: extremely light weight and short antenna; Easy to put it into your pocket or hold for long time.
  2. Simple keyboard: easy to read and operate.
  3. Convenient charging: the separate USB cable and adapter, you can charge it very convenience.
  4. Volume is good: it is loud enough to hear in a crowd and still not be so distorted or ‘tinny’ to be annoying.
  5. Three kinds of private codes: can help you keep from interference of the irrelevant signals in crowd.
Rt15 walkie talkie size-retevis
Simple look but definitely powerful with multi functions; clarity audio and long standby walkie talkies rechargeable battery makes your team communication more efficient

Retevis RT15 Walkie Talkie Specification:

 Frequency Range:

UHF radio



Memory Channel: 16

Output power: ≦2W

Battery capacity: 1000mA

Rt15 walkie talkie detail-retevis
Usb charging radios can be charged with power bank; PC; car charging and more; charging anywhere safety

Retevis RT15 Walkie Talkie Functions:

 Scanning: It is convenient for users to search for calls from other channels.

VOX: it is a function that voice can be launched without pressing the PTT key

Companding: It is a function setting which prevents the inter-channel interference.

CTCSS/DCS: The purpose is to avoid the mutual interference among different users, to avoid hearing the irrelevant calls and the interference signals.

CTCSS Mode: It is valid only when you set the CTCSS on the channels. This function has two selections: “normal signaling” and “special signaling”


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