Group CALL Match and Promiscuous Mode

RT84 Group CALL Match and HD1 Promiscuous Mode introduction

Today, One of our clients asked a question: For RT84, Is there promiscuous mode? The answer is “No”. Why?

Because the promiscuous mode just be called in HD1, The same function on Other radios such as RT84, RT3, RT82, is called Group call Match.

I think maybe there are some misconceptions here about the promiscuous mode, So I wrote this article.

Pls note: The “promiscuous mode” and “Group call Match”just for DMR radio. And promiscuous mode is for HD1.

Let’s do a demonstration with HD1 & RT84.

We all know that for normal digital radio communications, we need below points matching:


2.Color code

3.Time slot


But if you start promiscuous mode on HD1, even you have no the contacts, just have the same Frequency, color code and time slot, you can receive the signal.

How to start the promiscuous mode on HD1?

  1. You can start it on the software:

You can see this function in the General Setting in the software.

If you ticked them, it means the Frequency , Color code, Time slot, Contacts must match.

If you not click it, it is the same as the promiscuous mode on HD1. So we will not ticked them on RT84.

Now HD1 and RT84 can communicate, neglect of contacts, just matching the below item.


2.Color code

3.Time slot


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