The feature of Retevis RT52

The feature of Retevis RT52

Retevis RT52 is coming in November 2018. Since its publised, it has been welcomed by many hams.

Today we will briefly introduce the main characteristics of RT52, Give more references to people who like it and want to get it.

1.The appearance:

Rt52 is look quite familiar on the outside of RT3S, and it has the same dimensions as RT3S.

Some customer said just about every appearance between the RT3S and RT52 seem identical.
Same size and shape and the same 2 pin connector for the speaker mic or programming cable.
But RT52 have Two PTT, RT3S just have one.


2.The screen of RT52:

It is a high contrast TFT screen with light colored text on a black screen. This high contrast level makes the text a whole lot easier to read.

3.Dual watch and dual standby:

Rt52 has dual watch and dual standby, so you can monitor two channels or frequencies at the same time.

Instead of having to switch between the main and sub band in order to transmit, all you need to do is press one of the two independent push to talk buttons.

It is really handy, you can monitor a DMR talk group on the main band and the local analog repeater on the sub band, and effortlessly switch between the two when you want to take up a QSO.

4.The Channels and zones:

Rt52 have 4000 channels, 250 zones, 16 channels per zone;

5.GPS Functions:

The RT52 comes standard with the GPS.
With the GPS you can tag your location information with each transmission, and you can also send your location to another party using the radio’s messaging feature.
GPS operation is enabled by default, but you can turn it off to extend the battery life.

6.Ultra-long standby time:

Rt52 is quite power efficient, even with the GPS function turned on.
The RT52 has a 2200 milliamp-hour lithium-ion battery with a belt clip integrated on the battery.
Some people tested that the radio on to monitor a DMR talk group and received about 24 hours of standby operation.

7.Customize the boot screen

You can import a custom image for the welcome screen by software;

8.VFO Function:

You can set up a default VFO frequencies.

9.Other features:

Rt 52 have VHF and UHF operation; DMR Tier II mode, dual Push to Talk, scanning, Single or Dual Standby switch.
SMS Messaging, voice recorder, VOX operation, a Power Save mode, monitor button, and almost all function of DMR Radio.


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