RT97 repeater antenna installation

Retevis RT97 is portable mini size analog repeater. Economical price, easy operation, good performance so customer feedback good. Many customers inquiry and own it. After they got the repeater, before operation, they need install the repeater antenna and feeder. Antenna installation is very important, that effects the communication range.

What antenna length can achieve the best results?

Theory and practice have proved that when the length of the antenna is 1/4 of the wavelength of the radio signal, the transmission and reception conversion efficiency of the antenna is the best. Therefore, the length of the antenna will be determined based on the frequency of the transmitted and received signals, i.e., the wavelength. As long as the center frequency corresponding to the transmission and reception is known, the wavelength of the corresponding radio signal can be calculated by the following formula, and dividing the calculated wavelength by 4 is the optimal antenna length.

The conversion formula for frequency and wavelength is:

Wavelength = 300,000 km / frequency

=300000000 m / frequency (the unit obtained is meters)

The corresponding optimal antenna length should be Wavelength/4 meters.

RT97 has a repeater antenna MA02 FRP antenna,  we tested it, not bad.

How to set RT97 repeater antenna installation?

Step 1: Find a best antenna installation position available

Everyone knows that the higher the erection, the better the range increasing effect. The antenna should be installed on the highest building or hill in the area of use. Try to avoid objects such as walls, billboardstaht will block the signal transmission of the antenna. The antenna is preferably 2 to 3 meters higher than these objects. Try best to install antenna to the highest position.

Step 2:We need a feeder cable, that is enough long length, to connect the repeater antenna point to the RT97 repeater point.

RT97 Feeder cable connector: PL259 connector. photo as below:

What will be the best distance between the repeater and the antenna?

The repeater should not be too far from the antenna. The relay station and the antenna are connected by a feeder. The radio signal has a certain loss when it is transmitted in the feeder. The longer the distance from repeater to antenna, the greater the loss. Therefore, the repeater station should be installed to a position that is convenient for maintenance and as close as possible to the antenna is better.

Step 3: power on RT97 device, programme communication radios correctly

Finally communicate with RT97 anlog repeater.

Even small size, RT97 has a big power in range increasing. Both Retevis and our reviewers has tested it’s range. Wanna to learn more about it? Please leave message here or email to kam@retevis.com.

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