Share to get Free Radio-Novermber 2019

Share to Get the free radio for Holidays is coming! Retevis will have the Year-end Promotion. Up to 50% discount on radios. Promotion time: 0:00:00 PST 20th Nov. 2019 to 24:00:00 PST 10th Dec. 2019.

It is very easy to get the FREE radio here. Just post or share, when reaching to the right number, you will get the FREE radio.

Free radio introduction

Retevis RT71, DMR radio UHF band 5w two-way Radio.

1, 1000 channels, with the digital mode and analog mode.

2, This is a new version of DMR radio released by Retevis.

3, Digital DMR (true Tier I and II).

4, High sound quality: Use the advanced AMBE +2TM voice processing technology to achieve higher quality.

5, Small Size: easy to carry and hold.

How to get the Free RT71?

From our website, now the selling price is USD84.99. We will have a 20% discount during 20th Nov. 2019 to 10th Dec. 2019.

So the promotion price will be USD67.99

So you only need to post or share 68times. you will get the Free RT71.

One customer can only win 1 radio( if you share reach to 68 times or more than 68times, you can only win 1 radio)

Where and what to post or share?

Post: you could share the specified content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

Share: If you don’t have many social media, you can ask your friend to share the information with their social media or websites.

Note: Each account only can count 1 time.

When you post and share, please send us the link or screenshots to our email: The most detailed, the faster we check.

For example, I have a facebook account, I post the information on my facebook, no matter how many times I post, only count 1 time.

 The specified content:

New model Retevis RT71 UHF DMR radio, You will get 20% OFF from 20th Nov 2019 to 10th Dec 2019 here:

How to do if I can’t reach to 68 times?

Don’t worry, if you can’t post and share 68 times, you can get this radio by paying the rest of the price.

Note: 1 post or share=USD1.

For example, I totally post and share only 50times, only pay for rest price USD68-50( Time)=USD18  to get the FREE radio.

Post and share will help you to save money to get this radio.

Remember: Post more, save more.


Post and Share for Free radio Program details:

1, How to apply? Only need to copy the specified content to post and share with your friends( find friends to help you post and share), and send the link or any information that can prove you have posted and shared successful.

2, Limited time: Will end on 11th, Dec. 2019

3, Please share and post according to the regulations. Please be honest, otherwise, we will cancel the FREE opportunity

4, Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.

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