Simple and Mini Two-way radios RB28

Looking for Simple and Mini two-way radios? Why not consider this new model RB28 and RB628´╝čRetevis RB28 and RB628 are license-free FRS/PMR446 band two-way radio. The slim and mini size will be the best choice for your business.

Retevis RB28’s size is about 105*52*21 mm. So it is a slim and mini two-way radio. RB28 is the FRS band two-way radio, and RB628 is the PMR446 license-free two-way radio. So when you order, please check which band is suitable for you.

1, No license requires

RB28 is a license-free band two-way radio, so there is no need for a license. You can use them out of the package directly. Just press the PTT (Push to talk) to talk with your members on the same channel. Very easy to use even for beginners and kids.

For some business places, the workers don’t have time to study how to use the walkie-talkies. The license-free radios will be a good choice.

2, Long standby business radio

Retevis RB628 with the battery 1500 mah. Easy to meet your work time with long standby needs.

3, FRS band with NOAA weather channels

Retevis RB28, the FRS band license-free two-way radio. Support to set the NOAA weather channel. It has 11 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels, gets the latest hazard information, and changing weather conditions in your area anytime.

4, Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight, Slim, palm-size, lightweight plus Type-C and USB rechargeable, it will only be a good helper on the go without adding any additional load.

So what are you waiting for? Order here:

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