Two sets of New Business Radio Retevis RB28

For business scenarios, you can try  two sets of new Business Radio RetevisRB28. RetevisRB28 is very suitable for outdoor commercial use in professional scenes. The earpiece area of ​​RB28 walkie-talkie is large and the sound is clear.

RetevisRB28 is two sets of walkie-talkies, the price is cheap. For internal employees, the cost is lower. USB dual-head charging, fast charging and very convenient. Moreover, RB28 has a low battery alert function, suitable for use in wineries, dairy farms, etc. For example, you can charge the RB28 uniformly during the rest period, so that you can use them continuously during work.

11 of the 22 channels of RetevisRB28 have weather forecast function (NOAA). For example, in outdoor skiing, rock climbing,  and climbing activities, you can know the weather conditions  in time. In order to make outdoor activity plans to ensure safety.

For consumers who like simple appearance, RetevisRB28 is indeed the best choice.  RB28 looks more like a mobile phone, with 3 function keys, which can be personally set at any time. This is convenient and easy to use. Consumers can hang the walkie-talkie on their pants or neckline to communicate at any time.

RetevisRB28 is a professional walkie-talkie with functions.Which has VOX, Keyboard Lock, Monitor, Scan and Auto power saving to meet consumer demand for communication. This is really a walkie-talkie worth using.

If you want to know more about two sets of new Business Radio RetevisRB28, please leave a message in the comment area.

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