How to use the Outdoor walkie talkies RB18?

Outdoor walkie-talkie RB18 is the license-free two-way radio. It has the FRS and PMR446 band. Model is RB18 and RB618. Also, it has lots of functions that help you use it conveniently. Here I will talk about the functions like how to change the channel? How to active the scan function and so on.

Let’s check what RB18 looks like


1, How to change the channels on RB18?

The FRS band has 22 channels. So if you want to change the channel, it is very easy. Here is the way to change the channel number:

Short press the up or down button to increase or decrease. Long press will quickly switch the channel number.

2, How to active the scan function on RB18?

The scan function will help you to check which channel has a signal. Press the up and down button, the scan function will active.

3, How to change the language on RB18?

RB18 supports English and Chinese two languages. So press the PTT+Down button to turn on your RB18, it will change. If it changed to Chinese, do this step again, it will change to English.

4, How to change the CTCSS/DCS codes?

RB18 doesn’t support change this code by its keypad, so you need to get the software and programming cable to change.

5, How to active the Monitor and NOAA?

For FRS band RB18 outdoor two-way radio, it supports 11 NOAA weather channels. Short press the monitor button will active the NOAA. And long press the monitor will actively monitor function.

6, How to active the Keypad lock and Lamp?

Press and hold the lamp/lock button to lock or release the up or down button. Short press this button will open the flashlight.


Hope these questions and answers will help you know how to use the RB18 outdoor license-free radios.

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