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Is Six Way Charger The Most Trending Thing Now?

No radio can leave its charger. And if you are using the radio in school, community, church, factory, and other events or applications. The single charger will be a mess on charge. So, the six-way charger can make charging easy and convenient. That is one of the reasons why the RT29 six-way charger bundle is popular.

RT29 multi chargerrt29-6waycharger

The benefits of the multi charger

  1. Easier charging.
  2. Inventory number.
  3. fast charge.

If you are using the radio at events or job sites. You have to charge the radio every 8 hours, the six-way charger can help you check the radios quickly and easily. Like this RTC29 six way charger. You can charge 6 radios or batteries on this charger. And there is a battery compartment to store your spare batteries. Each compartment has an indicator, you can check the charging status of the radio or battery.

The specifications are

  • Input: 12V/2.5A
  • Output: 8.4V
  • Charging current :350mA (per pocket)
  • Dimension:324 x 249 x 90mm/12.76 x 9.8 x 3.54in
  • Weight:1245g/43.92oz(no include adapter)
  • Adapter cable length:150cm/59.06in

The battery capacity of the RT29 radio is 3200mAh, so you can fully charge it in 2 hours.  And you can use it for about 10 hours. The spare battery can help you work for a longer time if you need it.

View the RT29 radio review by KansasPrepper.

And how many radios can work with a six way charger?

RTC27 is compatible with license-free radio RT27 and murs radio RT27V.

RTC22 is compatible with license-free radio RT22 and RT22S.

RTC21 is compatible with RT21, RT24, H777S, and RT24V radios.

RTC777 is compatible with H777 and H777Plus radio.

MD380/280 is compatible with RT3 and RT3S radio.

MD390 is compatible with RT8, RT81, RT82, RT87, RT50, RT47, and RT83 radios.

For more information on which multi charger would work well with your two-way radios, you can leave your radio model in the comment area or email us at support@retevis.com.

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