Thanks for 2020 and welcome 2021

Thanks for 2020 and welcome 2021. Today is December 31, the last day for 2020. Thanks to all Retevis Fans’ support in 2020.

In 2020, we released lots of New Models.

For Ham Radios

The ham Mini GPS Dual Band Mobile Radio RT73

The affordable Dual-band radio RT85 (Analogue mode)

The Full-frequency Full-mode Ultra-portable SDR Radio HS2

For business and family Radios, we add many MURS radios and GMRS radios.


Multi-Use Radio Service Radio. Channels in the 151 – 154 MHz range. MURS can transmit farther in open areas compared to traditional FRS walkie talkies. Because lots of licesne-free radios with the range within FRS. SO MURS Without this interference it is perfect for business and commercial applications.

MURS is the license-free band, it has the 5 channel in VHF band.
Retevis RT47V is the MURS band License-free radio, it is also the waterproof rechargerable two way radios. If you need to use it in the wet environment,  it will be your best choice.

If you want to look for the normal MURS radio, you can check Retevis RT27V is the MURS band License-free radio too, but it is not the waterproof.


GMRS-General Mobile Radio Service

GMRS radio uses the frequencies within that same band for FRS radio. 462-467mhz. But some frequencies designated for GMRS don’t available to FRS radios. GMRS radios requires a license from the FCC. but not like other license, if you get the GMRS license, your family member, regardless of age, can operate GMRS radios within the Licensed system.

Also not like the FRS radio, GMRS radio’s output power can more than 2W,and have the repeater features, so If you want to choose the long-range two way radios, the GMRS radio will be the best choice.

Now Retevis has the GMRS Radios

Retevis RT76– Without display Handheld GMRS  Long Range Two-Way Radios.

Retevis RT76P-LCD display Handheld GMRS radio

Retevis RB17A-Green Color Long range GMRS radio.

These 3 models are the GMRS radio, with the output power 5w.

Also Retevis Has the GMRS repeater

Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater. It is customized to match with the GMRS radio. Can help to extend your GMRS handheld communication Range further.

Retevis Outdoor two way radios

Retevis also have the outdoor two-way radios. It helps the family or outdoor activities teams to keep in touch. If you are traveling or hiking through poor cell phone coverage areas, the two-way radios can help you lot. No need to choose the number, just push the PTT or use the VOX to make your hands-free.

Retevis RT49P-The waterproof and Floats Outdoor adventure two-way radios.

With the IP67 waterproof level, and can floats on the river,  will be the best choice for your team or your family outdoor hiking or camping.

In 2020, we also released other radios. I will not list them here. If you want to find a radio that fit for you, please email me with your requires, We will recommend the model suitable for you according to your requirements.

Our email:


In 2021, We will constantly update our products and release more new products. If you have has wishlist on radios, please leave message below.


Also if you want to resell our Retevis Radios or want to be our dealer or distributor, don’t hesitate to email us:


Thanks for 2020 and welcome 2021. Keep in touch Retevis fans and Retevis partners, Let’s welcome the New Year Together.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks for 2020 and welcome 2021”

  1. Happy 2021 Retevis Team.
    I hope 2021 Will be a good year for you.
    If you can a suggestion for the HD1, Analog APRS would be a nice touch.
    Just ordered the RT85 and looking forward to get it.
    Keep Up the good work and when I receive the RT85 I will give you my thoughts on it.

    1. Thanks Pat! I will report this to our engineers, If you have friends have any questions or ideas, you can invite them to leave messages here.
      Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Retevis Team 🙂

    Nekem 3 rádió tetszetős a blogról
    Mini GPS Dual Band Mobile Radio RT73
    Igazán jól néz ki és hiánypótló eszköz.

    HS2 Folyamatosan figyeltem a videókat és a fejlesztéseket.
    Kár hogy 27MHz en nem üzemel adásban a rádió 🙁
    Követni fogom a frissítéseket.

    Retevis RT49P Kíváncsi vagyok a PMR446-os verzióra 🙂
    Főleg, hogy sokban hasonlít a Motorola t92h2o rádióra.
    Szívesen tesztelném és bemutatnám a blogon.
    Üdv Robi

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