The best GMRS mobile radio RA25 available

The Best GMRS mobile Radio RA25, it is the high power 20W GMRS two-way Radios, GMRS repeater capable, with the 30 channels, these channels are setup in the standardized FRS/GMRS. Channel 1 to channel 22 are Non-repeater channels with the GMRS band, and channel 23-30 are GMRS repeater Channels.

Usually to find a right GMRS radio is not easy, you need to consider more factors. The output power, the quality audio, the communication Range and your Budget!

Today I will introduce this GMRS radio RA25 around these factors, hope it will help you to make desicion. This mobile radio will make your road trip or working on your farm easily.

The Best GMRS mobile Radio RA25-The Power

Not like the license-free radio FRS radio, the GMRS radio power will be higher. In the market, the handheld GMRS radio usually has the power about 5W and mobile radio about 15-30w. Retevis RA25, with the power 20w. Neither too high nor too low, it will be better for everyone to use. No matter you install it on your car for road trip, or you install it on your Farm vehicles.

Quality Audio

Retevis RA25 Comes with the Speaker Mic, it will be easy to have a talk with others by Mic. You can receive and transmit the clear audio.  With the clearer and better sound quality as compare to other GMRS radios.

The Communication Range

If you want to make longer communication, you’d better choose an external antenna. With the high power and better antenna, Retevis RA25 is an ideal radio for uers that need longer range. Also If you want to use it in your farm or other place where need the maximum range, you should consider the repeater.

Retevis RA25 has the repeater function, with the last 8 channels(  channel 23-channel 30) repeater channel, no need to set, you can connect with your GMRS repeater. Retevis also has the GMRS repeater model RT97.

The important-Meet your budget

Not like the other brand GMRS mobile radio, Retevis RA25 with the Retail Price Only USD99.99. Compared to other brands, Retevis help you to save much money.


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