The best radio for Camping

With the increasing pressure of urban life, more and more people choose to remote place. such as sparsely populated countryside, mountain area. Generally speaking, the mobile phone signal in remote mountainous areas is very weak, so if you only carry a cell phone, it’s not very useful. Walkie talkies are the best choice, walkie talkie becoming a necessity for “tour pal”. Then do you know how to select the best radios for travel? Which is the best radio for camping?

1. Long-distance and high battery

In the wild, It’s not like in the countryside, there are many mountains and trees, so you need a long-distance radio. Charging is a big problem, so you need to select a high battery radio or carry a few extra batteries. Retevis RT50 and RT81 are high power radios, and they have come with high battery, can support a long time standby time. If you drive to travel, we also supply a car charger for our radios, it’s very convenient.

2. Emergency Alarm function

If you travel or explore in a strange and remote place, carry with a radio with an Emergency alarm function will make you more safety! Many Retevis radios have Emergency Alarm function. For example, RT50 has on ground alarm function, active this function, put it flatly, it will alarm. RT83 has a remote and fall alarm function, active the function of others, when you are dangerous, press alarm button, your friends will hear and save you.Here is the link of RT50:

3. NOAA function

A complicated weather environment in the wild, maybe make your travel more difficult. If a radio has NOAA function, you will get the timely weather conditions, You can do some protection in advance, in case of illness or injury during the journey. Here is the link of NOAA retevis walkie talkie:

  1. Select the right kids’ walkie talkie for your children.

If you camping with your children, you’d better select a camping radio for him. Retevis also supply kids walkie talkies, I recommend you choose RT75 compass walkie talkie. With unique and novel style, with a real compass, make your children’s trip funnier! Also, come in a bright color, both boys and girls will love it!

Do you know which is the best radio for camping? Have you considered which walkie talkie to take in your next trip plan? If you are interested in Retevis walkie talkies and have any questions, please contact us freely!

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