What do you think before purchase kids’ walkie talkie?

Walkie-talkies are relatively novel products for children. Now near Christmas, parents will select kids’ walkie talkie as a gift for children. So do you know how to select kids’ walkie talkies? What do you consider when you purchase kids’ walkie talkies? Let’s discuss it together.

1. Choose their favorite kids’ walkie talkie based on their gender

Some colors are specific, making it more difficult for children to choose walkie talkies. Our Retevis toy walkie talkies have various colors, this gives you more options. Such as RT37/RT637, have four different bright colors. Our kids’ walkie talkie have at least two colors, so if you want to purchase one walkie talkie for you. You can purchase both of them, one is for the boy, another is for the girl.

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2. You need to consider the age of your children.

When you purchase walkie talkie for your children, walkie talkie should be easy to operate products, if they come with some complex functions, it is not suitable for younger children. Such as, if you purchase them for about 3 years old, you can consider Retevis RT30M, RB16.RT30M was independently developed by our company, it is very cute, they are easy to operate, just have 1ch, turn on it, you can talk with others directly. It is suitable for 3 years old children to use. If you are purchase for old children, such as age 6+, they should learn some more functions, such as VOX, scan function children are happy to learn this knowledge. You can purchase RT628, RT602, not only have more functions but also the sales are better.


3. Depends on the environment you live in

If you live in the broad countryside or the seaside, it has many requirements for range, ordinary kids walkie talkies are ok. If you are in the places with more obstacles, For example, crowed city, you maybe select a long-range radio. I recommend you use Retevis compass kid walkie talkie RT75, it is our released radio, with bright colors. We have tested it, the range is much longer, more important, it comes with a real compass, your child can take him on an expedition, add more fun!

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