The combination between RT97 and motorcycle

The combination between RT97 and motorcycle

I have always wanted to equip the motorcycle team with a small and easy to use communication solution.I tested a lot of programs.

The most used one is the radio station. Many of the small partners in the team do not want to install. Because the car needs to be installed for every motorcycle, And the price of the car is much higher than the hand.

Handheld walkie-talkies are very easy to use, And the price is cheap. Handheld walkie-talkies can solve some problems. But not perfect.
When a motorcycle is traveling in a team, Because of the speed,There is a long safe distance between the two cars. The entire team will be like a train. It is very long and long.The communication between the leader vehicle and the team tail vehicle is very bad. Coupled with the effects of wind noise, Clear call content that is hard to hear.(We have used helmet headphones.)

When I saw RT97, I have to put the RT97 on the motorcycle.The idea of ??

being a mobile relay station for the team.

The experiment was successful on an electric motorcycle today.

The plan as follows:

 lan diagram of motorcycle installation RT97

The equipment and materials needed are very simple:

The RT97 Repeater, a motorcycle, a car antenna,5 meter feeder, a clip for a car antenna, 3 meters of wire.

RT97 Repeater

car antennaclipmotorcycle



Ok, let’s get started.

First we want to get the DC 12v power supply from where.I am leading from the back of the light switch.This will turn the RT97 Repeater on or off at any time.

Take the DC 12v power supply from the rear of the light switch

Then install the RT97 Repeater.RT97 Repeater is now installed in the toolbox where I sit in the car.The ideal state is to use the bracket to turn the RT97 Repeater,Installed on the rear frame of the motorcycle.The cooling of the RT97 Repeater will be better.

The antenna is mounted to the rear frame of the motorcycle.

The antenna is mounted to the rear frame of the motorcycle

If you like to ride a motorcycle and go out to the wild.If you like a lot of friends, ride a motorcycle and go outdoors.Then Retevis RT97 is perfect for you!



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