What is the best Repeater?

What is the best Repeater?

Many customers will ask What is the best Repeater? Is the most expensive the best?

The answer is no. We think For the repeater, the the right is the best.

Generally speaking, Repeater can be divided into digital repeater and analog repeater.

And it also have a lot of latitude classifications.

Why we need to use repeaters?

Commonly-used portable radio, like the Retevis RT22 Or RT27, or other model transceiver device is limited by factors ,

such as the surroundings, or the ouput power, which disallow high-quality radio frequency communication, so we need to use a repeater to amplify the Communication quality.

The height of Antenna respect to the radio horizon. Typically, a six feet high radio frequency transmission can only cover a maximum of approximately 7 miles.

We can see many brands of repeater in the market, such as MOTOROLA, hynion, Retevis.

Which is the best? I think there is a misunderstanding on this issue.

At the time of purchase, People pay too much attention to performance parameters, You can’t judge a Repeater just by it.

The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve?


What are the functions to achieve these effects?

As long as the repeater you purchased has these features, it can be used as an alternative target.

There are lots of repeater, some of them have too many functions, if you want to get all the functions, you need pay more, and maybe these functions are useless to you.

For example Retevis RT97 Analog repeater, it is a portable repeater, center frequency can be customized, you also can buy it as the factory frequency.

UHF or VHF optional frequency offset of 5 ~ 10 MHZ optional, support the audio CTCSS: 50, DCS: 104 pairs, adjustable control panel channel,

small size: 310 * 283 * 170 mm, weight is 2700 g, support 220 v mains, DC12V ~ 24 v power supply, car power.

It is suitable for: concerts, outdoor hiking, small factories, farms and other scenes.

These scenes do not have high requirements for the repeater, Most of them are temporary stands,or the repeater are used in exposed area.

Retevis RT97 is well suited for these tasks, and the Retevis RT97 is very affordable.


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