The main accessories for HD1 DMR radio

HD1 is the dual band DMR Amateur radio which most of the functions can be operated by the keyboard. HD1 is the best selling Amateur radio, so the main accessories for HD1 loved by hams. The Main accessories have earpiece, waterproof speaker mic, multi charging ways, antenna, leather protection case and programming cable

G-type earpiece

HD1 earpiece is the Unilateral G-type ear hook Headset which is very comfortable to wear in the left or right ear. It can work for RT82, RT87,  and RT29 radio

main accessories for HD1-earpiece

Speaker Microphone

HD1 Speaker Microphone has three versions: normal version, IP55 waterproof speaker and IP67 waterproof speaker. It also fits for RT82, RT87, and RT29 radio

Normal speaker mic

IP55 waterproof speaker

IP67 waterproof speaker

main accessories for HD1-speaker mic

Multi charging ways

There are three charging ways available for HD1 radio: the base charger, car charger, and multi unit charger. Which meet with different scenarios application requirement.

The base charger

The car charger

The multi unit charger

main accessories for HD1-charger


The antenna has an original antenna, long antenna and foldable antenna. The antenna type is SMA-F connector and the frequency is dual band(136-174/400-4800MHz) which decide what antenna can work with HD1 radio together

The long antenna

The foldable antenna

main accessories for HD1-antenna

The leather protection case

If you would like to protect your loving HD1 radio, there’s a leather protection case for you

The leather protection case for HD1

The programming cable

HD1 has own special programming cable which is necessary to come with HD1 radio together. When you change some functions by programming software and update firmware you have to use the programming cable to connect the computer.

the programming cable for HD1

With the flu virus affect the worldwide, To keep social distancing and communicating on the air. HD1 radio will be sold in the lowest of history to appreciate all hams to support Retevis. Except for HD1 radio, if you want to get free accessories, please feel free to contact me by email,

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  1. Hi I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY hd-1 RADIO. CAN I RELY ON SUPPORT AND SPARE PARTS?can i order these parts from you?

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