Why do preppers need ham radios?

Why do preppers need ham radios?

We talk about what is Preppers need in previous articles. Today, we would talk about why do preppers need ham radio.

Ham radios are going to be the primary way you are going to network with your group when the grid goes down and when there is no electricity. We should realize that when the grid goes down and there is no electricity, that means that our normal methods of communication are going to be down.

Your cell phone may isn’t going to work. Your computer isn’t going to work. But is really a big resource to keep track of the local news.  Also, you can play some music, it is a real morale booster.

We don’t how long will the electricity recover, so everything that we do is going to depend on our own ability to communicate with like-minded people or communicate with other people in your network. And ham radio is going to be the method of choice.

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