The two way radio RT29 has a question for you?

    The two way radio  walkie talkie RT29 has a question: Why are men reluctant to wear masks?

    Brazil’s new crown pneumonia death rate is second only to the United States, and the epidemic is very serious. But the interesting thing is, why are men less willing to wear masks than women? A Brazilian couple, because the husband often does not wear a mask, the couple often quarreled, but the husband disagreed, and the wife had to take the children back to her natal home to avoid the epidemic. Although the death rate of men is significantly higher than that of women, men always do not wear masks on the grounds that they have not gone to infected areas.

  According to the latest analysis of men’s behavior by Valerio Capraro, a Canadian mathematician from the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences in the United States, men are not only unwilling to wear Masks, they also think that wearing masks is “humiliating, uncool, and a symbol of weakness.”

Super waterproof walkie talkie
Super waterproof walkie talkie

    There are also surveys showing that men’s unwillingness to wear masks is also related to blind self-confidence, carelessness and gender factors. What do you think? No matter what the factors are, it is still necessary to wear a mask when the normal social distance cannot be guaranteed in public. After all, good health is a prerequisite for the happiness of a family and a country.

Large capacity battery
Large capacity battery

   As a long-distance waterproof walkie-talkie, RT29 is equipped with a two-way radio, which is very suitable for home communication, construction site office and other scenarios. The function of enhancing communication for couples who were forced to separate during the epidemic is also unique. In addition, The two way radio walkie talkie RT29 is equipped with a large-capacity battery to meet the needs of continuous communication. It is worth every family to have a powerful and efficient waterproof walkie-talkie.

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