Tips when program RT29

RT29 is a popular long range radio, it has strong shell , compact design, with high power and water proof version. With  so many advantage in one, it is liked by many customers, but many customer do not know how to program RT29,  so here are some tips when program RT29:
1, Install the driver and software( you can download from the products “Support” page:
2, Link your radio with computer by the right cable: J9131P
3, Then open the software and choose the right com port:
4, After you choose the right com port, do you choose the right model type? if your are UHF, you need choose UHF, if yours are VHF, you need choose VHF.
5,  Click ” Program” and choose ” read from the radio’   , then you will see your radio frequency and setting show in the list, then you can edit the frequency and settings.  After you change the setting, remember to ” write to the radio” then save the change.
6, After you save the change to your radio, you can open it and check if it can talk with each other.
If you follow the tips when program RT29  step by step, you will program it successfully.
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2 thoughts on “Tips when program RT29”

  1. What causes the error “Frequency band is different, Overwrite?” to appear when writing to radio? I have a VHF model, which has range of 136 – 174 Mhz, and all my channels are programmed between 151 and 173.375. If I click Yes, it writes and every thing seems fine.

  2. When I program 154.265 into my VHF RT29, write it to radio, then read it back it is changed to 154.26499. This also happens on 154.295 MHz. This does not happen on any other frequency. Why?

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