why your RT97 talking distance is short?

Retevis RT97 is a  duplex mini portable repeater, with small size and light weight, it is very easy to carry.  It has 3 version: UHF, VHF,GMRS.  Also its frequency is customized. It is a good way to increase your radio talking distance . But with some incorrect operation method, RT97 talking distance is short, the followings is for you to check the reason.
1. Power supply problems, resulting in lower output voltage, lower duplex power, and shorter communication distance.
2. The output power of the duplex itself becomes lower.
3. The antenna, feeder, and interface connections are unstable and loose.
4. The antenna should be as far away as possible from other instruments and equipment, and set up in a relatively open place to avoid interference.
5. Transmitting and receiving frequency, when the client software writes the frequency, it is reversed.
6. The transmit and receive frequency should be written between plus or minus 1MHz of the customized frequency point, if the frequency is exceeded, the power will be lower.
7. The bandwidth of the repeater is inconsistent with the bandwidth of the walkie-talkie, it must be the same broadband or the same narrow band.
After the above is fixed, RT97 talking distance will be better.
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