Retevis RT7 FM radio

Two-way Radios Over Cell Phones

Cell phones don’t work everywhere. Such as Dead zones, no bars or high party, means no talking. Your typical cell phone warranty lasts 90 days.

Walkie-talkies there are no fees, no monthly bill at all.Two-way radios are easy and handy to use . Retevis offers a 1-year replacement warranty

There’s no dialing individual numbers, just push to talk! You can reach everyone with a walkie-talkie and that can be critical in an emergency.

A thank letter to Retevis from Jim Cox:

“to let you know. one of the RT5 radios was used today when a citizen called in a serious traffic incident and saved the life of a father and family “bread winner” when cell phones failed to work. 

The Term “bread winner” refers to the family member that brings home money or supplies to feed the family.

Without you I would not have purchased the radios that went into the emergency support group.”

Walkie Talkie RT5 Dual Band 5W 128CH 1750Hz FM Two Way Radio

—–RETEVIS.COM: Your Trusted Brand for Two-way Radio

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