Retevis RT45 license-free radio update

Update: Retevis RT45 License-free radio

Update: Retevis RT45 License-free radio, the outdoor two way radio, it is very suitable for family outdoor activites. Let’s check the picture first:

license-free retevis rt45

It has two main colors: white and grey

6 buttons, the call tone button, monitor button, up and down button and lock button, menu and turn on/off button

The side keys:

sidekey button-retevis rt45

Update: Retevis RT45 License-free radio  VS old Version

Retevis RT45FRS old VersionFRS New VersionPMR446 old VersionPMR446 New Version
Output Power≤0.5w≤2w≤0.5w≤0.5w
Dual watchyesyesyesyes
Call tone10101010
Roger Beepyesyesyesyes

From the table above:

1, New FRS band Retevis RT45, we add the NOAA function, it has 11 channels for NOAA.

2, New FRS band Retevis RT45, update the battery capacity, from 650mah to 1000 mah.

3, New FRS band Retevis RT45, update the output power from 0.5w to 2w.



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