new license-free radio RB17RB617

Introducing the Retevis RB17/RB617 License Free Radio

Retevis RB17/RB617 License-free radio was released, RB17 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RB617 is the PMR446 band License-free radio. When you want to order, please make sure which license-free band you need, then choose the right version.

Retevis RB17/RB617 radio feature includes:

1,  Long standby- It has the 4400mAh large-capacity battery. No need to worry about the low battery.

2, Type-C charging interface

3, Solid structure and hard shell, resistant to fall and pressure

4, Long communication range- we tested this radio in the open area, it can reach to 2.4km. (Distances vary from environment to environment)

5, It comes with one pair in the package.

Functions for Retevis RB17/RB617

1, Channel: 16 channels for FRS band or PMR446 band.

2, Local alarm function

3, Channel switch and Power switch

4, CTCSS/DCS code

5, Voice Annunciation

6,  Power Saving Function

7, Monitor, Squelch level and TOT and others.


Where to use the License-free radios?

No need the license, you can use it out of the box, so It’s very suitable for shopping malls, residential areas, supermarket, hotel, restaurant and etc.

Let’s check the pictures:

the battery and back of RB17

The left and right of the RB17

If any question about Retevis License-free RB17/RB617 radio, please leave message below or contact us by email:

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  1. mi potete mandare softuer per retrevis rb617 pero quello che si cambiano pure le frequenze toni e potenza mi servono per azienda edifici chiusi per magazini se mi manderesse questo softuer per programmarli a modo mio sarei molto contento grazie buona giornata

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