How to upgrade the RT82 firmware

Many hams want to upgrade the RT82 firmware, but sometime they can’t upgrade it successfully, or there will be some problems when they upgrading. Now i will show you how to upgrade the RT82 firmware.

1.Check your radio version.

You shold know if your radio has GPS. I think it is very easy. Maybe you have several RT82, and don’t know if this one is GPS or not. just check the firmware version. Turn on the radio, click “MENU-Utilities-Radio Setting-Radio Info-Versions”, you will saw the firmware version. “S”means GPS. “D”means no gps. For example, the below firmware version is no gps.

RT82 Firmware Version

2.Contact you radio with computer by programming cable. Switch radio off by volume knob. Then pres and hold PTT and alarm key (on the top) and turn on the radio from volume knob the indicator blinks and open upgraded software.

RT82 upgrade mode

3.Install the upgrade software

4.Double click to open the UpgradeDownload,click the “Open file upgrade”.

5.Choose the right firmware.

6.Click the “Download file of upgrade”.

8.After upgrade, turn off the radio. then turn on. Your can find the RT82 firmware is upgraded.

If you have any problem about the RT82 firmware upgrade. you can leave message or contact us.

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8 thoughts on “How to upgrade the RT82 firmware”

  1. Ulrich Stoecker

    Thank you for the upgrade advice.
    Unfortunately, my own experience ended up in the “chaos mode” with unreadable characters on the display. I am really sure that I used the correct firmware for the RT82 GPS model. Reflashing the device changes nothing.
    Hopefully you can give me some hints to fix the problem.
    Many thanks in advance and best regards, Ulrich

    1. This “chaos mode” is due a WRONG firmware selecction.

      Pay attention to what version you choose:
      GPS or not.

      Highly probably you selected the wrong one.

      Try again with the ‘other’ this may address this issue.

  2. Ref RT82 firmware update Problems

    I see some people are having Problems updating the radio firmware
    check you are using the right data file as you get two in the Zip file ( GPS and non GPS )

    Before you start alway press the Alarm Button and the PTT Button hold them in then power on the radio the LED will Blink
    you must do this before you Click on the software to start updating as this page is showing below or you will get a screed up radio hope this helps

  3. Hi.
    Retevis RT82 high power adjust.
    Can change high tx power by changing the parameters in test mode to the maximum value of 255?
    Default value is 158 in the line number 5, if i change to 255 will be an increase tx power?

    1. Hi, Test mode only for our engineers.If you adjust any paremeters in test mode, it does not work.

  4. Ref RT82 firmware update Problems
    I performed the firmware update (GPS version) without problem, I loaded the contacts CSV without problem or so I thought. the radio seems to have reverted to it’s default frequencies of 440.000 and 150.000 and no amount of program changes will move from these frequencies.

  5. Most folk will want the P firmware, which is the GPS and CSV (100,000 contacts), as it’s much more useful.
    These instructions fall short of Retevis’ OWN page, which all the above images seem to have come from.
    There is also (or was back in 2018), a Toolz firmware hack, but I’d strongly advise people to avoid that, certainly the v1.0 v01.22 that I’m getting rid of.

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