Use Scenarios with Retevis RT36

Many people told me they don’t want to buy a kid walkie talkie,Because it is a toy or gift only.

A children walkie talkie just be a toy or gift? Here i will take the RT36 to give your some tips here:

Scenario 1st: 

When you are making dinner in the kitchen,you need to tell to your kids,you often go upstairs,tell them it’s time for dinner.But if you have the RT36 children walkie talkie,you just Press the PTT to say

You:It’s time for dinner,my honey.

Kid:I am coming,mum”

It will be easier,and no fee like the telephone.


Scenario 2nd: 

I know a lot of kids like to role play,maybe to be mum or dad,maybe to be police or FBI.When your kids play with your neighbour’s kid,Role play begins with walkie talkie RT36:

Kid A:Hello,hello,hello,this is Mike,i am a policeman,can i help you?

Kid B:Hello,hello,hello,this is Lucy.i am lost,i can’t find my home.

Kid A:Lucy,please don’t worry,i am policeman,i will help you to find your home.

Kid B:Thanks very much,Mike.

Maybe for us,it is so naive.But for kids,it is so funny.


Scenario 3rd: 

A lot of children walkie talkie have the function ” VOX”.It is no only let your hands free with talking to others,but also can monitor your baby when sleeping.

If there is any sound in your baby room,you can hear it ,then go to check if your baby is awake. The children walkie talkie will be like a monitor to help you to take care of your baby.


Scenario 4th: 

I know a lot of families like to go camping.During Camping,your kids will plays everywhere,they will run, play hide-and-seek and so on.

A lot of time they will disappear into your sight,so what will you do ? Just take the children walkie talkie,to get in touch with your kids anytime you want.


Above are just the examples,I think there will be a lot of Scenarios for children walkie talkie RT36.If you have any idea about the Scenario to use the RT36,just leave a message for me here.

Get more information about the walkie talkie Retevis RT36 here:




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