Retevis Family went for the outward bound training

The outward bound training for Retevis Family (Shenzhen technology Branch) in the Dapeng Peninsula training base was started Last weekend and all retevis members especially the Zhengzhou marketing headquarters felt so proud for them that nobody shrinked from the burning sun and relentless training programs , Everyone Set strict demands as the West Point Army Regulation on themselves .Although it was tough days,everyone benefited a lot from that. Let’s get more information about this crazy training!

Objectives of the outward bound training went for the outward bound training

1. Enhance enterprise staff’s cohesive force, coordination. Promote their execution, responsibility and enthusiasm for the enterprise to make an effective execution team.
2. Make it clear on self Role Definition, raising the level of self spiritual awareness continually and cognitive others meanwhile.
3. Strengthen the sense of teamwork to make a high quality communication.
4. Exploring The Potential Capacity.

Main Projects of the outward bound training

The Air Bridge

There coming out a 1.2 -meter -long hole on the 9.6 meters above the ground ,would you across it or just give up ?

The Air Bridge Training for Retevis Family

Significance of the Air Bridge : Sometimes the difficulties seem that you can not overcome but in fact it is just a lie from your head , people should trust themselves to conquer the inner fear. Also the whole team members would cheer for you encouraged when you facing difficulties ,you would be full of confidence and energy and you will learn change the pressure to power.

Trust Fall Back

One people will stand on a platform of 1.65 meters high, you will fall down back but the whole team members would hold you together ,would you choose to trust or not ?Retevis Trust Fall Back Training

Significance of the Trust Fall Back : To enhance mutual trust and understanding between the members , which is the basis of teamwork and break the ice between people through physical contact to overcome the psychological disorder and fear.

Night Fight

In this project, the coach will play a “devil” role, all the students reach the front of the coach one by one and repeat these words: “Report of the devil, my name is xxx, I want to pass the devil, no matter how many times i have to struggle, no matter how how hard it is , I will never give up until I succeed, please let me pass “ with voice, passion, perseverance, emotional, self-confidence to impress the” devil “.Retevis Family never give up
Significance of the Night Fight : Perhaps you have worked very hard facing the ruthless repulse and you thought that you tried your best to go for it , but the coach would still not let you pass, Would you keep trying or not ? And you would surpass the limit you thought after a success, Then went to look at yourself and asked that if you have tried your best as you think just like the training in work and life ?Night Fight Training

Wall Climbing

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has such a story: the 46th cadets executed the last task of the water patrol before leaving .The cadets were steering the patrol boat carelessly then hit the liner.Because it is late at night, no one noticed it. All the cadets were very worried that if they couldn’t get in the 4.2-meter-high deck of this cruise ship ,they would not to survive at all . But there were no any tools for climbing and the patrol boat would sink after 15 minutes … Inspired by this event, the School started the Wall Climbing Training.Wall Climbing Training

Significance of the Wall Climbing : People must learn about the power of unity .

And there were many others projects they did on outward bound training , you can get it from the pictures .

Holding the big ball together

Retevis Family training together

Water Training

Retevis Family water fight

Having a rest to enjoy the sunset

Having fun under the beautiful sunlight

Having fun aside the lake

Retevis Family having fun aside the lake
Whatever ,in a word ,this training was very meaningful and everyone will keep the spirits in heart and never be knocked down with this positive power forever.

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