RT 5R write frequency manually

How to write Retevis RT 5R frequency manually

Many customers bought our Retevis walkie talkie that has keyboard and LCD display, but they don’t know how to write frequency manually.

Sometimes you are not able to get a computer or a programming cable, writing frequency manually is very easy and convenient.

Lets take Retevis RT 5R walkie talkie as an example to show how to write frequency manually :

RT 5R write frequency by hand

For example: you want to write data as below:

RX frequency: 146.6250

TX frequency: 151.6250(OFFSET between TX frequency and RX frequency is 5)


TX CTCSS:  254.1HZ


  • take RT 5R walkie talkie at hand, turn on the radio
  • you can only write frequency on”frequency mode”, soshort press the“orange” color “VFO/MR”key on the left top of the radio,to switch between frequency mode and channel mode. There’s prompt tone on the radio for the mode.
  • please keep in mind “frequency”show on LCD displayis ” Receive frequency”. input”146625″ on, you will see this receiving frequency show on LCD(“.” decimal point no need input)
  • Short press menu—short press (#25 )Key—short press menu–SFT-D–short press menu–up/down to select”+”–short press menu to confirm
  • .Short press menu—short press (#26 )Key—short press menu–offset–short press menu–up/down and write 05000–short press menu to confirm
  • Short press menu—short press :(#11)Key—short press menu—R-CTCS—up/down key to select RECEIVE CTCSS(choose67.0hz)—short press menu to confirm.
  • Short press menu—short press (#13 )Key—short press menu—T-CTCS—up/down key to select TRANSMIT CTCSS(choose 254.1hz)—short press menu to confirm

This way you successfuly write frequency manually on RT 5R, Retevis RT5 and RT 5RV has same way to write frequency manually, if you have interests, please have a try!


Wanna know how to write frequency manually on Retevis walkie talkie RT6,RT2, RT3, which have keyboard and LCD display? You can contact kam@retevis.com at any time.


Retevis always assure the best service!

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  1. Hello can you please send me a list with the 127 channels you have programmed originally on the RT5RV Thanks

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