what shall we do when radio does not power on?

What shall we do when radio does not power on?

You have stored your walkie talkies for a week, a month, even half a year, and now you’re planning a big weekend hiking or camping trip with your family or friends across the great outdoors. So you need the radios again. When you take them out, dust them off, turn them on and – Uh oh. Nothing happens. They won’t work. Yeah, it happens. the radio does not power on. what do you do?

Don’t worry. Follow these steps to troubleshoot, identify and hopefully resolve the problems.

Step 1. Verify the batteries or battery pack is/are installed correctly.
Make sure the battery pack or batteries are installed correctly or with the correct polarity. If not installed correctly, reseat the battery pack or batteries.

Step 2. Check to be sure the radio is really on.
Some radios turn on by pressing a power button or holding it down for one to two seconds. Sometimes there is a delay, And also some radios have to be held down a little longer. Also some radios have a power knob on top of the unit that must be turned to power them on. The on/off switch could also be defective. If the knob is loose, you could turned the shaft of the switch when it didn’t.
If radio switch is on but there is no power, check to be sure the battery or batteries is/are fully charged.

Step 3. Check to be sure the battery is charged.
Try the battery pack or batteries with another or fresh one(s). If no spare batteries are available, put the battery(ies) in another known working radio to test.
If there is still no power for change new battery or working radios, proceed according to battery type.

Step 4. Troubleshoot according to battery type.
If the battery is rechargeable, recharge it. If not charge, troubleshoot the battery pack and charger.
If the battery is non-rechargeable, and working batteries do not power on the radio, then check the radio for damage.

Step 5. Turn on the radio.
If the radio turns on, the issue is resolved.
If the radio does not turn on, contact the manufacturer for warranty support.

If these instructions helpful , congratulations. If these troubleshooting steps did not resolve your issue and your radio is out of warranty, contact us at support@retevis.com.

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