What to do if latest CHIRP does not list your radio

CHIRP is a free, open source application created by a team of volunteer amateur radio operators. The software is used to program a wide variety of different makes and models of two way radios with a computer.

CHIRP supports an impressively wide selection of radios, but not all of them. The list is expanding over time. When a new product is introduced to the market, depending on its popularity and relevance, The CHIRP project team may add support for the new model in a future version or build of the software.

We often receive emails from customers who request tech support for CHIRP. and we try our best to help them. we work with CHIRP. we offer them free radios and programming cable, they help to make the CHIRP software of Retevis Walkie talkies.

As of January 2017, CHIRP supports the following radios we currently sell or previously carried:

H-777 (use Baofeng BF-888)
RT-5R/5RV (Variant of Baofeng UV-5R)
RT-B6 (use Baofeng UV-B5)
RT5 with 2 power levels (Variant of Baofeng UV-5R)
RT5 with 3 power levels (Variant of Baofeng BF-F8HP)

If your radio is currently listed in CHIRP, congratulations, you should be good to go. If your radio is not listed, download the latest CHIRP software and try it again.

If the latest build of CHIRP does not list your radio, it means CHIRP does not currently support it. Maybe the CHIRP programming team does accept requests for support it or they just working on it. You could submit a request to the CHIRP project and ask them if they will add the radio to a future version or build of CHIRP.

Any comments please contact us at support@retevis.com

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17 thoughts on “What to do if latest CHIRP does not list your radio”

  1. I would like to program my RT 6 using my Mac and none of the programs seem to work. Is there another way?

    1. Hi, dear, sorry for the delay! Chirp doesn’t DMR radio programming, we have software on our website, find the product page, then”support” then”firmware/software”, please have a try and have a nice day!

  2. I recently purchased a Retevus RT 82. It looks like I’m up a creek without a paddle, is that the case with that radio? Surely there is software somewhere for the radio. I have looked on Retevus web site but can’t make any seance of it. I would never have purchased the radio had I known it did not come with software. Retevus should advertise that fact.

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