Where can you use the RT29?

Do you familiar with RT29? RT29 is a 10W high-power radio,so it can reach longer communication distance.We also have IP67 RT29 radio,it is RT29 waterproof function,so you don’t worry about the environment when using the radio,please operate it confidently.

RT29 have UHF and VHF style,so what is the difference of them?The frequency of UHF is 400-480 MHz,UHF has better penetration ability than VHF,suitable for using in surroundings thathas more barriers,so you can select UHF if you want use your walkie talkies in the city.

VHF diffraction ability, suitable for using in surroundings and environment that is open and less  barriers,such as farm, sea, beach…

So what occasion can you select the RT29?

1. Schools

Many customers said they select RT29 use for schools,they meet the daily communication of school teachers,since the 10W high power,it can satisfied with long distance communication,it is used widely in elementary and junior high school campus.

2. Parking lot for security staff

In foreign countries, many parking lots are relatively large,the security staff can use walkie talkies communicate with each other.

3.Long time hiking

If you like travel with your friends,you can carry RT29. RT29 is waterproof radio,so don’t need worry wet environment,it can maintain communicate with friends even in harsh environments.For example,ski lovers use while  back country skiing.

It also have many others occasions can use this waterproof,long distance radio,such as production workshop,farm, bar and so on.If your woke environment need walkie talkies to communication,you can select RT29,here  is the link of RT29: https://www.retevis.com/rt29-ip67-long-range-handheld-transceiver-uhf

If you have any other requirements,please contact support@retevis.com freely.





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