Retevis RT29

Why choose Retevis RT29 walkie talkie?

Currently, many customer inquiry about Retevis RT29 and choose it, like manufacture planting, water rescue center,farm, elementary school, etc. Why RT29 has so big magic? Sure because it’s amazing advantages!

First let’s take a look what’s RT29 looks like:

waterproof radioFrom the appearance, we can see it’s clean on front panel, rigid quality,not thin in body and durable for sure.

What’s RT29 advantages?

1.UHF or VHF selectable

RT29 has two bands seletable.UHF 400-480MHz, VHF 136-174MHz.

UHF suitable for environement that has more barriers, such as inside city, inside buidling. Because UHF frequency has stronger penetration ability.

VHF suitable for environement that has less barriers, such as farm,beach, on the sea, etc. Because VHF frequency has stronger diffraction ability.

2.Both UHF or VHF, it have water-proof radio version selection.

Water&dust-proof is really a good choice when you are working near water, or in raining days outside.

10W big power radio

3.Big power

10W big power. As we know, same conditions, the bigger transmitting power, the longer communication range. In Retevis analog radios, besides RT29, RT1 is also 10W big power.

4.Big battery capacity

3200mAh(Li-ion) big battery capacity. Long standby time. If you need spare battery, it’s also available. So no worry about the embarrassment of battery power off when you are communicating on import things.

5.Scramble function makes your commucation more confident
Choose the scramble type for your communication channels, sheilding other stangers from hearing what your are talking about.

Any other questions about RT29 and any queries about RT29, please feel free to advise, we are always here to support! Thanks!

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