Why we need walkie Talkies during a disaster?

In any type of disaster, like hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or other natural disaster, the normal means of communication will likely be limited or severed completely.
Cell phones, Internet, and power will be shut down. You will no longer have the luxury of picking up the phone to call for help, or check on internet for information.
A reliable communication device should be equal in importance to your food, water, lifeboat and other essential stuff. While these are essential to sustain your life, the ability to communicate could actually save your life during a disaster.

Walkie talkie using for disaster has a long distory

Walkie-talkies has a distory, it has been used for communication during disasters since World War II. In wartime settings, walkie-talkies were the only means of live communication for the troops back to their headquarters. Since then, walkie-talkies have become popular in areas not equipped with phone lines and electricity. Having a walkie-talkie can make a difference in life-threatening emergencies.

walkie-talkie-history-2Walkie talkie can save your life in disaster

Walkie-talkies send messages to one another and don’t require a cell tower or cellphone signals. That makes them more reliable than cellphones in remote areas where it’s difficult or impossible to get a signal.

Schools, commercial businesses and public facilities are sometimes required to keep a set of walkie-talkies and extra batteries available for communication during a disaster. Each household should have a set handy as well.

Make sure the communication line is open between the two walkie-talkies before you split up to find help or to help others in an emergency.

Continue to communicate with the other walkie-talkie user and continue to establish a connection with someone outside the disaster area.

Government can organize rescure more efficient with walkie talkie

Walkie talkie is also useful for firemen or army official organize and communicate with each other to carry out rescue in disaster. communicate and make decisions in time, to keep people safe and to avoid further injuries or security breaches.

What kind of walkie talkie is more suitable for disaster

For disaster use walkie talkie, normally no special required, just a radio with LCD display and keyboard to make programming by hand is better. As you have no time and no computer to programme. Retevis RT5R series, Retevis RT6. They are suitable, because dual band, LCD display for hand write available. When there’s flood or radio, R6 is better, because it’s IP67 water-dust proof.

So you need two set of walkie talkie at home or in your office, and please train your workers in the workplace and your family at home in how to get to the walkie-talkies and use them in a disaster. This is essential.

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  1. Walkie talkie radio is basically the only mean of communication in case of a disaster as all other communication channels probably wont work as the entire grid will be down. With long range radios you can even communicate on longer distances.

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