Why you need to choose a DMR radio?

In analog and digital/DMR radio, normally, you should have a doubt in the heart what radio I should need?

As far as I’m concerned, I will choose a DMR radio, let me tell you the reason

1. More clear communication voice

For an analog and digital radio, the mode is different, the voice of the digital radio is compressed highly, so the voice is more clear than the analog radio

2. More compatibility

If you want to make a DMR radio work your analog radio is complete no problem because the digital radio has analog mode

You can change frequency and CTCSS/DCS in analog mode to make them communication

3. More functions

A.Besides private call, one radio talks with the other radio. The digital radio has the group call, the multiple radios can build a talking group to communicate

B.The digital radio can connect an analog repeater and digital repeater, however, if you only have an analog radio, you connect a digital repeater

For example, if you have an analog business radio RT29, you only can connect the analog repeater RT97, but you have a DMR radio HD, you can connect an analog repeater RT97 and a digital repeater RT97P

4. More high-cost performance

Most of the customers think that digital radio is expensive than analog radio, actually, not this, some digital radios are very economic, like Retevis RT43 and RT53

RT43: https://www.retevis.com/rt43-digital-signaling-function-uhf-dmr-radio

RT53: https://www.retevis.com/rt53-1024ch-uhf-dmr-business-radio

Both RT43 and RT53, the price is almost as an analog radio, like RT29

choose a DMR radio

In our system, there’re many digital radios for option

Retevis DMR/digital radio

If you learn more about digital radios, you should know why you need to choose a DMR radio

If you learn more about Retvis digital radios, sure, I believe that you will make a correct option

Welcome to contact us for choosing Retevis DMR radio, waiting for you in here


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