A Basic Portable Repeater Retevis RT97

Usually The Repeater is used to extend the radio’s communication range. Our Retevis RT97 is a basic Repeater, very easy to use and carry. Not like the traditional repeater.

analog repeater

Traditional repeater

Usually when we talk about the repeater, we will think of the traditional repeater like:


1, High Antenna

2, heavy Machine

3, High power

4, expensive price


And because of those points, lots of people who need a repeater don’t have te chance to get a reapeater that fit them.


Retevis RT97 repeater

1, RT97 repeater is a portable device, there is a strap on the housing for easy carrying.

2, Lightweight: it weights only 2.7kg, with the size: package size: 310×283×170mm. Very small and easy to carry

3, Power with 10W

4, Affordable price

How Repeater RT97 works?

It is a communication system which receives a frequency from portable two-way radios, and re-transmits it at another frequency in real-time.

The repeater with the duplex, usually for the radio repeater like our RT97, has the full-duplex mode, with ability to transmit and receive at the same time.

For example:

Your handheld Radio model Retevis RT87

RT97 repeater

You need do:

1, Get your RT97 input frequency and output frequency and CTCSS/DCS code.

2, Set your radio RT87’s TX frequency and RX frequency and the CTCSS/DCS code.

Pay attention:

RT97 input frequency = RT87 TX frequency

RT97 output frequency=RT87 RX frequency

If you set the CTCSS/DCS code, please make sure the RT97 repeater’s input code same with the RT87 radio’s TX code.


Why use the repeater?

Your portable radio, like the Retevis RT87, with the limited communication range. So if you want to extend the communication range, or you can’t receive or tranmit because of the distance, you can consider the repeater.


Where to use the Repeater?

1, Business: Like Hotel, Golf Course, Farm, Security Guard and etc.

2, Outdoor: Like Vocal Concerts, Party, wedding and etc.


There is a video about the first look of this Retevis Repeater RT97


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